Harms Oil Company is dedicated to satisfying the propane needs of both residential and commercial customers across the Midwest.

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If you need timely and reliable propane service, look no further than Harms Oil Company.

As one of the cleanest burning fuels, propane can be used for a variety of purposes. While commonly used for cooking, propane can also be used to heat a building, water, and to dry your clothes. Propane can even be an alternative fuel for some combustion engines, such as in compliant cars and buses.

Propane is an important part of what keeps a lot of households and businesses up and running. Partner with Harms Oil Company to make sure you always have the fuel you need.

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For over forty-five years, Harms Oil Company has been focused on the people we serve. The best way for us to show how much we appreciate our clients is through providing undeniable results every time. Professionalism is the expectation for our team, and we show it with every project we work on, big or small.

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