Bulk Fuel Delivery

Get the fuel you need, when you need it, with wholesale fuel deliveries from Harms Oil Company.

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Service Is Our Specialty

Harms Oil is proud to offer bulk fuel service in the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa market.  Additionally, with our acquisition of James Oil, we now offer service in the Des Moines, IA market. 

Your Bulk Fuel Partner

A company of integrity, Harms Oil Company is always looking out for you and your business. We offer a variety of benefits as a bulk fuel partner.


Reliable Expertise

We keep an eye on the markets and compare prices from our high-quality suppliers to give you the best solution possible come delivery day.


Fuel Contracts

Whether you need a one-time delivery or want a flat rate for year-round service, our fuel contracts allow you to rest assured the price won’t change.


On-Site Tanks

You’re going to need somewhere to store your fuel. Harms Oil Company provides portable tanks that you can use as long as you need!


Unit Fills

If you need a fleet of vehicles fueled up or equipment topped off at a job site, Harms Oil Company will fill those units for you and provide a metered ticket for record-keeping and equipment analysis.


Additives & Bio-Blends

We don’t just give you the product—we can help you take care of it too! Partnering with Harms Oil Company gives you access to specialists who can help you manage your renewable fuels and assist you in the use of seasonal additives.


In-Tank Monitors

Electronic tank monitoring allows us to keep an eye on your order at all times, which helps us ensure a timely delivery of quality products.

The Brands You Need

Thanks to partnerships with some of the biggest names in fuel, we can get you products from the brands you need, when you need them.

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Get In Touch

Need bulk fuel services? Give our petroleum sales team a call to get the fuel you need today.